One writer writing / about another writer / who wrote about him.

Twoku: Photo conundrum / each takes the other’s picture / infinite portraits.

Threeku: One photographer / shoots another, lens to lens / looping portraiture.

Well, today’s post is about the front page (continued on page 3) article and photographs, about the Haikook, in today’s Stamford Advocate, a Hearst publication!  It’s a funny thing, how they threw an actual dart, at an actual map, which landed on the address of my home, so they showed up at the door and asked if anything interesting and/or creative was going on at this address?!  I said, “Uh…yes, as a matter of fact!”  They came back the next day, and the rest is history…

Since most of you don’t live in CT, and won’t have access to the physical, printed, ink and wood pulp version of the article, the online article (truncated for non-subscribers) is at:

And the cool, artsy, abstract image of me, which the photographer posted in color on Instagram is at:

So, apparently, the Haikook is finally famous…infamous…or I just got lucky and a regional, weekly newspaper stumbled across my house…which is what happened.


– the Haikook –