Lucille's voice / now stilled, she only / sang duets.

B.B. King (born Riley B. King) was one of the greatest singers, blues musicians and guitar players of all time. He has said his 1972 performance of “Downhearted” at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY (my hometown, I was 11 at the time, a few miles away) was one of his best. Here it is — listen to him talking with the inmates before he plays — it’s great!

Twoku:  Today another / King left us, leaving behind / his mistress Lucille.

Threeku:  Yes, the eagle flew on / Friday, so Saturday he / won’t go out to play.

Yes, I know Stormy Monday was actually written by T-Bone Walker, but the song inspired B. B. King to pick up the electric guitar, and the rest is history.  I love B. B. King’s version of Stormy Monday, which introduced me to the Blues…

Thanks B. B. King, for everything you gave us.  R.I.P.

 – the Haikook –