Humid holiday / cicadas lament loudly / from lofty perches.

Twoku: A sweltering day / even cicadas lament / the humidity.

Threeku: Hot and humid day / at summer’s end cicadas / sing their mating song.

Fourku: Humid Labor Day / thick air makes labored breathing / as we thank workers.

NOTE 1: I know the image is of a cicada’s left-behind shell, or larval (pupal?) exoskeleton, but I could not find a live one willing to be photographed while singing, so it’ll have to do…

NOTE 2: about a year ago, at the end-of-summer season, I wrote a different haiku about the cicada’s song: (the image with that haiku shows a resplendent, freshly-emerged adult cicada, sans its recently doffed shell)…

Oh, and if you’re curious about how a cicada sings its song, here’s a video:

 - the Haikook