Full again / second time this month / the blue moon.

Staring vacantly / vacation recovery / need a vacation.

The last drop of wine / a small red orb taunting me / that there is no more.

Haiku stream / images online / click, follow.

Damocles / your sword hangs above / portent-full.

A dark and damp day / gloomy and yet easier / to focus on work.

Young we know / everything, but old / know better.

The big spruce / wrapped a cloud around / its shoulders.

Book-reading nightmare / a never-ending story / keeps adding pages.

My computer screen / viewed through a wineglass darkly / is preferable.

Afternoon / casts a long shadow / the Thin Man.

When the lights / come on as darkness / approaches.

Dawn kissed the morning / publicly, for all to see / until it blushed pink.

An untended field / beckons from beyond a gate / in silo's shadow.

Free manure offered / I'm tempted, but luckily / forgot my shovel.

Nearing end / the wrinkled basil / is sweeter.

I heard someone say / "get an iPhone" because "it / will change your life, yo!!"

Broken weather vane / now unable to disclose / the wind's intentions.

Creepy statistic / "tasteful pornography" words / get more blog traffic.

Wild asparagus / allowed to grow, gone to seed / pregnant, next year's crop.

Painted roadside cart / a place to buy and honor / fresh picked veg'tables.

The Buddha / turning green but not / with envy.

A writer writes, right? / The righteous rite of writing / righting written wrongs.

Rain drummers / pause under bridges / then resume.

He wrote lists / of things he didn't / understand.

Parents wanted for / questioning, but they are now / unavailable.

Tiny bird / resting on barbed wire / the field's edge.

Red rose glows / glistens in gloom, waits / for the storm.

Clouds gather / glower, a wet threat / to our walk.

Damp dawning / Earth drinks, sun breaks / clouds scatter.

Flower blows / trumpet at the storm / unafraid.