Crystal caught / the sun and held it / a moment.

Wilting, withering / oppressing, enervating / the heat takes its toll.

Unlike random words / haiku is a thought image / a contemplation.

A no-Haiku day / can I survive without it? / It is in my soul.

The blank page / calls to my pencil / start writing.

The fallen flower / pulled down by vines, grows again / sun-ward, undeterred.

By the river's edge / a railing in need of paint / keeps me from falling.

If you had all the / things you remember fondly / where would you put them?

Butterfly / be careful how you / flap your wings.

My older brother / often advises me, his / hindsight's my foresight.

Bad, brown bananas / about to evolve into / great banana bread.

Inexorably / another birthday has come / older Budweiser.

Be the alternate / scale, minor key, misfit chord / the dissonant voice.

Celebrate fathers! / daughters, sons, mothers, friends say / thanks for fathering.

Bud fallen too soon, dies / having lived only as an / unopened flower.

My gym arrival / is marred by the presence of / preexisting pain.

Soul stories / dusty magazines / distant shelves.

I locked ADD / and OCD in a room / to see who would win.

Still closed bud / hopes to be lovely / when open.

Monopoly Dog / played his part in the carnage / risky money games.

Lady sends Eros / tasteful pornography from / her handheld device.

Wet footprints / after walking through / morning grass.

Hieroglyphics / worm tracings on a tree branch / wish I could read them.

Ironic / taste blood in my mouth / played too hard.

A wetted whetstone / whets its metal appetite / before sharpening.

Sun's fiery visage / does not change its expression / as Venus walks by.

The dead and living / branches coexist until / stormy falling out.

The cessation or / relief from pain, for pleasure / are oft mistaken.

Beautiful lawn weed / demands my admiration / instead of pulling.

The wild strawberry / bright red fruit, a lovely sight / sadly, not too sweet.