The online addict / quietly types and wonders / if he said too much.

The page today is / left intentionally blank / a negative space.

Then I realized / you should not put chopped liver / next to the cat food.

Memorial day / sacrifices made since time / immemorial.

The Buddha / sits calmly among / bleeding hearts.

A hike? Ooh! / Haiku, see, think, walk / in beauty.

Best way to remove / pernicious poison ivy / is to hire a goat.

Peonies! / Popped, burst, white puffballs / more to come.

Secret scent / peonies popping / brings the bugs.

Opened gate / something came or went / maybe both.

Pictures captured with / mother's eye, not as vivid / as my memories.

A perfect iris / opens its flowery eye / beautiful vision.

A purple iris / waits in flowery silence / radiant beauty.

Persistent vine / why can I not remove you? / Your roots run deeply.

Shuffle play is like / Steve Jobs is in my ipod / picking all my tunes.

The photographer / worries about his image in / an Internet world.

An angelic bell / of clay, which never rang but / clacked rather dully.

Cook salsa? / trade its raw goodness / for long life?

Celebrate the moms! / children, fathers, husbands say / thanks for mothering.

We are a mirage / an optical delusion / a shimmering light.

The horizontal / vine reaches for something to / wrap itself around.

Delicious Apple / Mr. Appleseed is gone / will you still taste sweet?

Woodpecker pecking / staccato morning greeting / I’ll not soon forget.

You are gone / but your wild things are / still with us.