Aerial ballet / a bumbling, buzzing, bumping / dance with each blossom.

The old mill's windows / overlook the waterfall / which once moved millstones.

In a time of masks / eyes begin speaking before / our muffled voices.

Live long and prosper / the Vulcan greeting makes sense / touching not required.

The winter blossoms / unexpected tumbleweeds / gather in the yard.

Storied shoes of an / impossibly cool person / in need of repair.

Namaste away! / I see the light within you / from a safe distance.

Telephoto lens / pandemic photographers / social distancing.

Viral reminder / my calendar is empty / no events today.

Heavy falling snow / a soft white noise percussion / on trees, ground and things.

Sun glowing, diffused / peering through gathering clouds / before the snowstorm.

Unfavored by fate / the recalcitrant raccoon / who walked the wrong way.