My writing / just written about / in the paper.

As you may have noticed, I posted three haiku (senryu) and links to the 5/11/15 article about Haikumages in the Stamford Advocate three days ago, but my children and some friends complained that the article was truncated online, the rest of it only viewable by subscribers to the newspaper.

So, for all my family, friends, and followers not living in Stamford at this time, or for whom a subscription to the Stamford Advocate is otherwise not feasible or desirable, I present (below) the article in its entirety, scanned (click images to enlarge and view in a new browser tab), for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and here are a few more (I couldn’t stop myself) related haiku (senryu) on the topic, in various syllabic forms:

Twoku:  Article written / in the newspaper about / my haiku writing. (5-7-5)

Threeku:  Written / about me / good news. (2-3-2)

Fourku:  Newspaper printed / article / about my haiku. (5-3-5 = a “lune”)

Article link:

  – the Haikook –

 The Article, as it appeared on 5/11/2015 in the Stamford Advocate weekly newspaper:

Abstract portrait of Russ Murray (the Haikook) by Jason Rearick
(posted to @jrearickphoto on Instagram)