Thanks to all / who sacrificed all / for us all.

I stare at the bowl / full of fava beans, thinking / Silence of the Lambs.

Tiny, mighty ash / tree breaks through the metal gate / growing undaunted.

I gazed at the dawn / of a cloudy day in May / uneventfully.

Lilac in full bloom / is its flower or fragrance / the more beautiful?

Cool morning / rain washes away / pollen dust.

Some haiku / about my haiku / and senryu.

Lucille's voice / now stilled, she only / sang duets.

My writing / just written about / in the paper.

Tragic, untimely / painful, ongoing, sadly / one more leaves too soon.

One writer writing / about another writer / who wrote about him.

Mothers, stepmothers / foster, adoptive, loving / maternal — thank you!

Looked at my children / I could see my reflection / as well as their own.

The white birch / in bloom, photobombs / the giant spruce.

My black car dusted / by lust of various trees / cross-pollinated.