A long-dreaded task / taxing, inevitable / has been completed.

2. Something I could not / bring myself to do, is done / postponed no longer.
3. Rebuffed an old friend / my dear procrastination / to get something done.
4. Put aside, put off / procrastination postponed / to another day.

As April 15th looms a week away, I contemplate a particularly complex, and long-delayed thing, which I just got done. If only this taxing task of taxes, was the last one needing doing, so I could brag herein about being on-time, and ahead of schedule.  But, alas, it is not so! I still have so much more to do, and not so many days in which to do it all.  Hmmm…looks like I have about 10.5 days of work, and only 9 days left…how’s that going to work out?  We shall see…  :)

 - the Haikook