Green gardening gloves / ready for hibernation / until Spring's return.

Rainwater puddle / waiting, plots its escape by / evaporation.

Glass shadow / ghost sommelier / beside me.

Mushrooms and peppers / await skewers and grilling / a delicious end.

Dishes listening / or perhaps they're whispering / cosmic messages.

As dawn comes of age / she changes her colors / to hues of the day.

The teenage / mind is not fully / understood.

Dizzying / world viewed through stem / of wineglass.

Election day dread / it cannot come soon enough / a calamity?

Earth, lovely goddess / I am pleased to dance with you / for a little while.

Any work / on a crisp fall day / feels better.

North against / South, what do I tell / my daughter?

Cow sticks head through fence / 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy! / She almost succeeds.

Leaves, twigs, sun / silhouettes, shadows / dance burlesque.

Two balloons / a scolding parent / a sad child.

Tomatoes are fruits / so I'm told, but always paired / with vegetables.

Last of summer's fruit / safe from the cold in their bowl / gently ripening.

Not surprisingly / older brother still older / the same as last year.

Don't just think / outside the box, live / outside it.

Now we read from the / book of the dead, stilled voices / we must always hear.

Sifting through a life / each thing full of memory / worn smooth over time.

Another wet day / Earth is no longer thirsty / forced to drink again.

Hot and humid day / Summer just departed, but / she is lingering.

Farewell to garden / the final fruits harvested / the plants can rest now.

Day dawns drab and dank / due to dampness, decide / to dabble dourly.

Let the games begin / school, dance, tennis, gymnastics / Daddy is tired now.

Let’s not belabor / the benefits of Labor Day / no labor at all!

The hot day / increasingly humid / ends with rain.

It's over and done / September here, August gone / a Summer bummer.