Flower collapses / upon itself at dusk, waits / for sun's bright return.

The Haiku Monger / passes time juggling words / counting syllables.

I am slave to cats / a servant of the felines / it seems they own me.

Stump sits in clearing / lit by light never allowed / when it had branches.

The guitar of life / frets worn by hands expressing / both chord and discord.

Worm, why did you leave / the sanctuary of dirt / for a sun-baked rock?

Anxiety beast / lurking in shadows, waiting / hard to chase away.

Splashing and crashing / through the waves to Bard Island / salt spray on my face.

A familiar sound / someone has just returned from / wherever they've been.

Pain’s not remembered / but things which lead to pleasure? / Unforgettable.

Pain’s not remembered / or women would stop bearing / children, wouldn’t they?

Think what you'll become / if you become what you think / it's quite becoming!

Parents, now long gone / who can interpret their lives / whims, wants? I cannot.

Social persistence / my ex often suggested / as "friend" but can't be.

The headless hostas / beheaded by their deer friends / will never flower.

A night spent online / friends posting great videos / of course I re-post.

Daily Haikumage / take one haiku, one image / swallow, contemplate.

It is a new day / full of yesterday’s lessons / tomorrow’s promise.

Windows left open / overnight my car became / playground for spiders.

Flowers gone / stems, stalks still standing / purposeless.

Speedo to fat man: / what possessed you to buy me? / thoughts of someone slim?

Without a mirror? / Have you forgotten what's there? / You should just look down.

A real man does not / love a thousand, but just one / in a thousand ways.

Beautiful flower / reveals another beauty / behind its petals.

The hydrangea / soft blue beacon in the dim / light of dusk falling.

An electronic / thing dies, its electric soul / ebbs into the ether.

The force of July / exploding lights remind us / we're independent.

Flag, a proud symbol / abused, hid behind, by those / behaving badly.

Flag, symbol, tethered / tattered, invoked and waved for / many purposes.

American flag / flapping furiously in / ev'ry direction.