A perimeter stain / where some thing was painted pink / then quickly removed.

Bent birches bowing / bearing the brunt beneath / back-breaking burden.

Cicada buzzing / in circadian rhythm / his urgent swan song.

Not to be outdone / the other side of the yard / is now in full bloom.

When he had the blues / he found solace in painting / now his palette's changed.

Three dusty brushes / left by the happy artist / without need to paint.

Between evergreens / the apple tree out of view / secretly blossomed.

A choice at the end / whether to let go of life / or linger longer.

So thankful / I can choose what I'm / thankful for.

Late autumn reveals / the summer kite whose journey / ended in a tree.

The infinite tones / of a cloudless sky at dusk / dissolve into dark.

Flip lever / fill oval, make choice / feel power.